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  • Renesmaecullens says:

    I am quite happy with InstaForex. I remember, it was my 4-month trading with them and I had withdrawal problem. I made a withdraw request via bank wire around $3500 they did not proceed immediately as they said. I was thinking they took my money. I was so determined to leave negative reviews about them on as many sites as possible and close my account. When I contacted the customer service and they said they did not process my withdrawal because of problem with the bank. So I contact with my bank and yes problem was with my bank and I they solved it. Next day I received a call from one of the representatives and took care of the problem and same day money was in my account. Well now their automated withdrawal system makes withdraws way easier and faster. I am glad that I didn’t close my account with them. I greatly advise trading with InstaForex as your broker.

  • Piwoy says:

    I took part in forex contests in instaforex and binary options as well. This is a perfect broker apart from the fact it’s unregulated. Unfortunately I can’t trust you guys my money.

  • Richy says:

    Instaforex has very fast execution, no requotes and very fast deposit and withdrawal. They also gave me 20 dollars as a No Deposit Bonus. The only bad thing I found is that they do not provide a phone number. But if you ask they will call you back. I’m really happy with InstaForex the staff answered every one of my queries, very helpful.

  • Tofazzal Mia says:

    One of the main characteristics of a good broker is an easy process of deposit and withdrawal. In InstaForex, I always deposit and withdraw my money via prepaid card and is very fast, almost instantaneous, and the withdrawal fee is very low. For this reason, I consider InstaForex as an amazing broker!

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