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  • Marti Eturey says:

    Advantages: Help share

    Disadvantages: more

    Comment: i can’t say if go markets is a scam personally but i will find out in a few weeks or months as long as you guys choose to be of help being silent online here means you want more people to get swindled, You don’t need to wait till another innocent person becomes a victim, a single word out here, sharing your personal experience and giving details of whatever transpired is important. Pls write dimitru(at) ivtcysec-recovery, tech, doing so could be used to detect further swindlers and also help warn others to stay off. Save a soul today. IVT security needs your stories, it is helpful.

  • cloudscraper says:

    Good broker with the perfect Mt4! so good for scalping! besides, i noticed that the news feed id pretty accurate… though I don’t usually trade news, but I think it’s good of them.

  • Digory says:

    When i had an account with them the withdrawal was slow a little. but the rest was fine. I had to change it for a year, now i don’t know whether I should come back or not – I see so many different reviews…

  • Avrilfan says:

    The withdrawal is pretty fast and I like the administration panel as well. BTW, the support IS available all the time.

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